Effective and continuous management of Nigerian Agricultural Land Resources and Climate change Adaptation and Mitigation for small holder farmers on the basis of sustainability and enhanced productivity.

Maximizing the most efficient and effective use of the Agricultural Land Resources while building climate change resilience for guaranteed sustainability and improved productivity across the Nation.


 Continuous inventory and assessment of Nigeria’s Agricultural Land Resources so as to them in to optimal use and monitor changes in their potential for agriculture through systematic soil survey and land evaluation as well as nutrient status of the various soil and appropriate fertilizer recommendations.
 Identification and rehabilitation of degraded agricultural land affected by drought, desertification encroachment soil erosion and flood and prevent the spread of these natural phenomena to other areas through effective protective measures: (efficient and effective land use planning and conservation strategic programs)
 Building national adaptive capacity and resilience in agricultural sector to support Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) of the federal government.
 Training and development of intermediate manpower needs in agriculture, organize short term refresher courses for all categories of farmers, develop soil conservation action program for and provide extension services.
> Inventorization and assessment of Nigeria’s agricultural land resources and evaluation of their potentials for agricultural production through systematic soil survey and land evaluation.
> Monitoring of the fertility status of Nigeria’s agricultural land resources and evolving appropriate management practices for different soil types
> Establishment of soil testing facilities to provide soil analytical services for farmers as a basis for fertilizer recommendations.
>To protect the environment and conserve land resources through the application of sound and sustainable land use practices.
> Reclamation of degraded arable lands and promotion of technologies for correction of problem soils.
> Promotion of climate smart agriculture techniques for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
> To promote rational land use through public awareness programmes and promotion of good farming system.
> To provide advisory and support services for agricultural projects that involve the use of land resources.
> Training of middle level manpower needs for the national land resources.


– Land use and Conservation Division (LUC)
– Integrated Soil and water management Division (ISWM)
– Soil fertility management Division (SFM)
– Soil Survey and Land Evaluation Division (SS & LE)
– Soil testing Division (ST)

While unit are:-

– Environment and Climate change Unit (ECCU)
– Geographical Information system and Remote sensing Unit